Who needs Deliverance and what does it mean! False Religions Comments on Rob Bell and His Controversial Book – “Love Wins”

Comments on Rob Bell and His Controversial Book – “Love Wins”

This article is being typed up on 9/25/11. The other day I put up a blog post on Rob Bell leaving the church where he has been a pastor of since 1999. Rob is the one who has written a very controversial book titled, “Love Wins.”

In this book, he is trying to do away with the doctrine of hell. Just today I happened to come across his book at the bookstore. I sat down and scan read it to try and see where he was coming from.

He makes the statement in the book that God’s “love” is so powerful and overwhelming, that it will eventually melt everyone’s heart and everyone will eventually receive Him as their Lord and Savior.

As a result of God’s love being so powerful and overwhelming, no man will be able to resist Him and they will all end up eventually coming to Him for eternal salvation. As a result, no one will end up going to hell for all of eternity. And God’s heart and love will even be reaching the worst of the hardened sinners such as atheists, and people like Adoph Hitler and the other evil and despotic dictators who have walked our earth over the years.

Though all of the above really sounds nice, warm, and fuzzy, the Bible is painting a clearly different picture. In our article titled, “The Reality of Hell,” we give you all of the main verses on the reality of hell and that it will be for all of eternity for the people who are cast down in there.

How Rob can try and spin and sugarcoat these kinds of verses, when they are all very literal and straight-to-the-point is simply beyond me.

If God’s love can reach and melt every single human heart, then what happened with all of the angels who initially were in heaven – with 1/3 of them being cast out of heaven when they chose with their own free wills to rebel against the Lord.

My take is if 1/3 of the angelic race ended up rebelling and going against the Lord, then a certain percentage of the human race is also going to end up doing the exact same thing. And just as God prepared hell for all of the angels who have rebelled against Him, He is also going to allow all of the human race that will rebel against Him to suffer the exact same fate.

If Rob’s argument had any basis in fact, then 1/3 of the angels who had initially rebelled against God would have all been forgiven and they would all still be up in heaven right now. But the Bible is very clear they are not in heaven right now and they will all eventually end up in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone for all of eternity once the 1000 year millennial reign of Jesus has ended.

All in all, Rob Bell is proposing Universalism where everyone will end up in heaven with God and Jesus, and no human will ever have to suffer eternal torment and punishment in a place called hell. We already have an article on this topic titled, “The False Doctrine of Universalism.” In this article, we give you the specific reasons as to why everyone is not going to be making it into heaven.

Rob Bell is now going to leave his church for greener pastures. He said he now wants to take his message of there being no hell to a “broader audience.” Hence the title of his very controversial book – “Love Wins” – meaning that God’s love will win in the end and everyone will finally see the truth and accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

Again, we wish his theory was all true and correct, but for those of you who really know your God and your Bible, you know that this is not how God the Father has the big picture all set up. God is going to give everyone a free choice to make on this decision, and this is something that is not going to be an automatic.

With Rob Bell now going to take his message of Universalism to a wider and broader audience, we feel that he is now going to do some serious damage, especially to all of the unsaved sinners. Once the unsaved sinner hears this kind of message, they will see no reason to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior this side of heaven. They will think they will be able to get it all worked out with the Lord once they die and cross over. In other words, they will be lulled into a false sense of security.

Can you see how many of the unsaved will be led right into hell if they end up believing and falling for this lie which is coming straight from the pit of hell itself?

If these unsaved sinners think they will eventually end up in heaven, no matter what they do down here, and whether or not they ever formally accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they will have no immediate sense of urgency to make it right with God this side of heaven. As a result, they will continue to live in their sin-filled lives and do what they want to do, not caring who they hurt or run over in the process – all because God will end up forgiving them anyway and take all of them back in once they die and cross over.

How demons got a hold of this man to get him to fall for this kind of heretical lie is simply beyond me. This man was a Christian pastor and Bible teacher, and somehow and someway, he lost touch with what the real truth is regarding the doctrine of hell.

Again, this is why most of the Bible has to be interpreted on a very literal basis. For the most part, God is saying exactly what He is meaning to say. Once you try and take His direct, straight-to-the point, literal words and turn them into an allegory or metaphorical type speech, you will lose the literal translation of the Bible. And once you lose the literal interpretation of many of the verses in the Bible, you will then easily fall for these kinds of tricks and traps from the darkside.

As we have said in our article titled, “The Reality of Hell,” this doctrine is without question, the most heart-breaking and gut-wrenching doctrine in all of our Christian faith. This doctrine is so extreme, that many Christians cannot even meditate on it for very long before they have to pull out of it – for just thinking that a certain percentage of humanity will have to spend the rest of their eternal existence in a place like this with no chance of ever being able to make it back out again is enough to tear your heart into a million pieces.

But whether we like it or not, we cannot try and change or alter this doctrine, or try to take it completely out of our Bible because we cannot fully understand why God would have a hell in the way that He has set up the big picture. We have to take God at His Word on this doctrine.

And if God is telling us in no uncertain terms in His Word that there is a literal hell and that it will be for all of eternity for those who will end up being cast down in there, then we have to accept this doctrine with full faith and belief and not try to take it out because it does not agree with how we would have the big picture set up.

The Bible says we will only know in part while we are down here on this earth – and who are we to question God Almighty Himself on how He has the big picture all set up.

Once we get to heaven, we will be able receive answers to some of these tough questions. But until that glorious event finally happens, we have to have full faith and belief in that our God is a just, righteous, and loving God who has nothing but our best interests at heart.

And if God has created a literal place called hell, then we have to assume that He had very good reasons for creating it in the first place, and that we will be finding out exactly what those reasons were once we have entered into heaven.

With this man now leaving his church to reach a wider and broader audience, we simply ask our readers that you put this man on your personal prayer list and pray to God that He make a very strong move on him to get his wrong thinking straightened out on this issue.

This man needs to be seriously prayed for because he is now going to be leading a lot of the unsaved right into a major lie straight from the pit of hell itself, and from there, many of the unsaved will lose their one and only chance to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior this side of heaven.

The Bible is very clear on this issue – we have to find and accept Jesus this side of heaven, not when we die and cross over. If we think we can find and accept Jesus after we die and cross over, we will find out very quickly that it will be already too late. Eternal salvation from Jesus has to be received while we are down here on this earth. It cannot be received on the other side.

This is what the false doctrine of Universalism is teaching and as a result, many people are going to end up falling straight into hell as a result of following this demonic lie and doctrine. And then when a Christian pastor starts turning and teaching this kind of false heretical doctrine, this just makes matters even worse.

This is why we ask for all of your prayers for this man – not only for all of the unsaved that he might lead straight into hell as a result of this false teaching, but also for Rob Bell himself, as I would not want to fathom what the consequences could be on his day of judgment with the Lord if he ends up leading a lot of people into hell as a result of this false teaching.

If you would like to see our further commentary on the reality of hell and the false doctrine of Universalism, please go to these two additional articles:

“The Reality of Hell”
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Again, I cannot emphasize enough how deadly and dangerous this demonic doctrine is and how we all need to pray for this man so he does not lead any more people astray from what the real truth is on the reality of hell.

Also, here is a good review of Rob Bell’s book that I just found on youtube from Matt Slick at carm.org.