Who needs Deliverance and what does it mean! Spiritual Warfare Teachings Autism

Autism comes from the Generational Curse. The Generational Curse can be broken in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Soul Ties must be broken in Jesus Christ Name. Demons must be bound and cast out of the person in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Born-Again Parents can do deliverance with the child until the demons leave, this takes a lot of time.

Do deliverance a little at a time so not to wear yourself out. I do deliverance for an hour a day. Do not hold or touch the child.

Teach the King James Bible to the person with Autism daily. Have them accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

If they cannot understand you, you can go through the steps of accepting Jesus Christ out loud for them. God will understand.

Say God my child cannot understand what I am saying because the demons are blocking your word, please accept my Child as Born Again.

If they can't understand how to do self deliverance record your own deliverance session on a cassette for them so they can listen to it over and over again.

They will receive some deliverance from listening to the tape. Maybe eventually with God's guidence they will understand deliverance.

In most cases with Autism you must do deliverance for them.

You cannot pray that Autism goes away, the demons must be cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ. It work believe me I have experienced

the worderful miracle of deliverance. It just takes time.

Remember Jesus Christ is the Deliverer.