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Witchcraft in the Church

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There is so much in life that we overlook or take for granted simply because of a lack of knowledge and at times through simple ignorance. It is human nature to constantly develop ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And this book comes as a welcomed relief to not only new believers in Christ but also to everyday believers, church leaders, teachers and mentors. It has been put together purely through the calling of our Lord to lead His children down the paths of His righteousness. After all, the Lord is our shepherd (Psalm 23) and He chooses various means and ways to speak to His beloved children.

This book reveals real life situations and experiences of non-believers and believers who have been exposed to attacks and oppression by the enemy by and through so many mediums. Every chapter in this book proves that the bible is the living and breathing work of God. It is a weapon given to us by the Lord to ward off and fight the enemy. And using the blood of Jesus to cover yourself and your loved ones including your home etc. is not something to be taken lightly.

There IS POWER in the BLOOD of Jesus!!! You better believe it!

So the next time you choose to shrug off a weird or bad dream, think again...

Is a church a holy place where the enemy cannot enter? Do you really know your pastor, what about the people sitting next to you in


Surely you have heard of witches right? Ever encountered a real one?

Something as simple as a candle can open the door for the enemy to enter your home... don't be fooled dear friends.

What about a name, what is in a name? Well you might be surprised to learn that a name may not just be a name after you have the read the book. The enemy can keep you oppressed because of a name!!!

In addition you will read about real life demonic attacks, why deliverance is not something any church or pastor can just perform and why it is important to not open yourself up to further attacks by the enemy.

The purpose of the book is to show you that the world is not all it seems to be, that we need to be extremely vigilant as believers and not expose ourselves or our innocent children to attacks of the enemy. The enemy is the king of deceit and can even attack your household through a fairy tale... he can distort and manipulate your thoughts especially if you are not aware of the truth because of your lack of knowledge. The only way is Jesus but we are given free will and we have to make the decision to serve Him and only Him. Prayers are given to you in this book to release yourself and your family from bondage.

Testimonies from people who has been taken into bondage because of some of the following:



Spirit Guides

Imaginary friends


Pagan Traditions


Prayer beads

Holy water

Tea cup reading

Tattoos and many more.

If you live anywhere other than in South Africa then you need to click on the link below to buy the book.  South Africans will save money by ordering directly from our ministry.

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This is one of the Reviews that was send in this morning (15 January 2014)

I am so glad that I had the opportunity to read the book "Witchcraft in the Church" It is definitely an eye opener to what has been going on around us.  I find the book very helpful and the real life testimonies are absolutely shocking.  What I also like about the book is that it also guides you through prayers should you feel that you may need to break some bondage's..  The book is written in plain understandable language making it easy to relate to what is said.  This is a must buy to anyone who is interested to know how satan is controlling the church.  Great book.