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Inprinting & Soulties are the same

Many teenagers are hooked on the Twilight movie and they either wish they could be a Wolf or a Vampire.  I recently watch the movie as I was visiting friends and they were watching it.  One thing that stood out among the things God pointed out to me was the "inprinting" and how the word "soulties" are changed by satan and his co-workers to make it more accepting to the younger generations.  Just like everything else satan does, he makes this looks innocent, he makes this looked like it is to her benefit and safety.

Imprinting & Soulties are the same thing. 

This is how satan controls you.  This is how satan manipilate you.  This is how satan use you.

If you are not married and you had sex with someone you need to brake the soulties that was formed between you and the person you had sex with.

Some of the most popular and destructive soul ties are formed during an adultery or fornication. 1 Corinthians 6:16 warns us not to have sexual relations with a prostitute because we become one flesh (flesh as in soul realm kind of flesh, not a physical flesh) with that person. This ungodly soul tie is like a rope between two persons that demons can use to their advantage to cross from one person to another. If that person had demons tormenting them, and you had sex with them, it unites the two persons, and therefore a soul tie is created, and the demons tormenting that person can also have rights to torment you. This does not apply to married couples, because there is no unhealthy soul tie created from sex within marriage. The Bible says that the marriage bed is un-defiled, and defilement is required to create an evil soul tie.

The remedy? Repentance, renunciation and breaking of soul ties! First, specifically repent of the sin which caused the soul tie to be formed in the first place. Then you can use your authority in Jesus to break and sever the unholy soul tie. Saying something like this should do the job, if you have accepted Jesus as your Savior "I now renounce, break and sever all unholy soul ties created between myself and _____ through the act of adultery in Jesus' name!"

There can also be soul ties between yourself and another person, without any sexual relationship involved. Sexual relationships are one of the best way to create a very strong soul tie, but it's not the only way. Other soul ties can be created through unhealthy relationships, such as being so close to a parent that you take their advice over God's advice. Again, repentance and the breaking of the soul ties in Jesus' name is the way to go about solving this problem.

Another thing that could hold back the breaking of a soul tie, is a physical object given to you from the other person, through a sinful relationship. If you were given a ring, or bra or a love gift through an adulterous relationship, for example, then those gift(s) can hold the soul tie together. If the gift is valuable, and not necessarily bad in itself, then it's best to sell the gift. If the gift is demonic or unholy, then it's best to throw away the gift.