Who needs Deliverance and what does it mean! Books Only a Born-Again will enter it into Heaven. Are you ready?

Only a Born-Again will enter it into Heaven. Are you ready?

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The greatest gift in our life time is the gift of Salvation and it is a gift that has been freely given to us by our Father God through His Son Jesus Christ. Once you have given your heart to the Lord, you are Born Again!!!

You start walking down the winding narrow road that leads to a closer relationship with God ultimately leading to eternity in Heaven. The new journey with Christ means a lot more introspection, learning and growing as a new believer in Christ.

This book offers the key steps to establishing an intimate relationship with God.

Once you make the decision to get closer to God and seek Him earnestly and with passion, you will see the fruits of the Holy Spirit unleashed in your life. We all long to have the peace that passeth all understanding, to feel free from all burdens and have someone else do all the worrying and take care of things for us, well there is - His name is Jesus! And this is exactly what this book offers you. You will learn about sanctification, what it means and what you need to do to start this process in your life.

You will learn about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and how to unleash these in your life.

One of the most profound verses in the bible is that of God being the Potter and we being the clay. Allow yourself to be molded and shaped by the hands of God Himself through this book. God has no favourites, regardless of how big or small our sins may be - He loves us all unconditionally!!!

He is waiting for each of us to dig deep and seek him passionately so that He can show us His everlasting love. Allow yourself to be awakened spiritually and surrender your all to God and He will transform and renew your thoughts, your mind and your life! If you want to know God like never before and walk with Him, then this book is a must read. Don't allow yourself to remain in the past, be bold and be strong for the Lord thy God is with thee... After all the Lord did say that we shall see and do even greater things even if we have faith as small as a mustard seed.

So allow the Holy Spirit to lead and transform your life!

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