Who needs Deliverance and what does it mean! Do you have a demon?

Do you have a Demon?

Take this short quiz to find out if you are at risk.

Explanation of responses:

Never means this has never been a serious problem to you.

In the past refers to things that you previously did but no longer do.

Currently indicates something that is an issue in your life now.

Disclaimer: This quiz is not intended to be a comprehensive analysis of all factors influencing the spiritual causes leading to demonic oppression/possession. It is not conclusive, but rather can serve as a guide regarding whether or not demonic harassment is a possible consideration in cases of emotional and spiritual debilitation. Those who are evaluated as "moderate" or "high" risk should seek therapeutic and theological counsel. The test results are not considered to be a scientific analysis but a rather broadly determined gauge of potential demonic activity. The risk increases if the person taking the quiz has previously received counseling, or deliverance for their issues but did not follow the correct instructions.